How to Eat Broccoli?

There is so much to say about broccoli and her powers.

She’s mighty and strong and delicious and beautiful and oh-so-powerful.

We all need organic broccoli in our life.

  • To get the most benefit, you need to choose the freshest organic broccoli. All parts of the vegetable, including the leaf, the flower (florets) and the stem are healthy, although the whitish stem does not contain vitamin C.
  • Try steaming the vegetable instead of boiling it. Place the broccoli in a steamer over boiling water for 5 to 7 minutes. The appearance of cooked broccoli should still be bright green in color. A pale and soggy broccoli means that it has been overcooked.
  • Another technique is to roast broccoli. You may place a little oil and season with calamansi, vinegar or cheese.
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