Perfect Lunch: Muffuletta Sandwich

A specialty of New Orleans, this sandwich originated in 1906 at the Central Grocery.

Muffuletta is a type of Sicilian bread .The sandwich consists of the round loaf with a hollow center of Italian bread, split and filled with layers of sliced salami, cheese, bologna, topped with Olive Salad: a chopped mixture of unstuffed black olives, pickled cauliflower, pickled red pepper, pickled hot pepper,oregano,parsley,pepper, oil.

Ingredients :

For the Olive Salad

1 cup black unstuffed olives, roughly chopped

1 cup white pickled cauliflower, chopped

1 pickled red pepper,chopped

5 pickled hot pepper, unseeded,chopped

2 grinds of black pepper

1 teaspoon dried oregano



For the Sandwich:

2 Muffuletta bread ( round crusty loaf with a hollow center,italian bread)

8 slices of Salami

8 slices of Cheese

8 slices of Bologna


Mix all the ingredients for olive salad, add oil (olive oil with vegetable oil) until salad is covered.

Refrigerated overnight or 6-7 hours to combine flavors.

Cut bread in half horizontally. Drain very well the oil from Olive Salad and spread over the breads.

Layer on: salami, cheese,bologna. Cover with top. Wrapped in plastic wrap, place a dish with a weight on top and refrigerated for another 2 hours to enable juices to soak bread.

Slice into quarters and serve.

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