Buying a Turkey


It’s November already? Thanksgiving celebrates family and tradition. Everybody knows that turkey is a mainstay of the Thanksgiving dinner.

Now there are lots of choices, and quality and taste difference exist among the turkeys. Let’s check few choices buying a turkey:


Standard Turkeys

This type of turkey, conventionally raised is an acceptable bird, easy to obtain from any supermarket and reasonably priced.


Free Range Turkeys

These are the turkey that get to run around the barnyard. They are raised in spacious, open environments and outdoors. These can be moist, delicious, flavorful birds and are often organic. These kind of turkeys are more expensive, but worth the price.


Self-Basting Turkeys

The theory behind this product is ti make a turkey that doesn’t need to be basted, saving the cook time and energy. These turkeys have been enhanced with fat of some sort, in additional to natural and artificial flavoring. Enhancer is flavored vegetable oil. Bad idea to choose this kind or turkey.these birds also have been injected with a salt solution.


Kosher Turkeys

These turkeys have been inspected, slaughtered, and cleaned under strict rabbinical supervision. These birds are grain-fed with no antibiotics and are allowed to roam freely. They have already been salted in the koshering process, which adds a distinctive, savory character. Expensive bird.


Wild Turkeys

Most turkeys labeled “wild” are farm raised. The only way you are going to get a true wild turkey is to shoot one yourself. These turkeys are expensive and the flavor doesn’t justify the price.


Organic Turkeys

The birds have been raised without any antibiotics, no growth enhancers and only organic feed and they must be given access to outdoors. They are juiciest and tender birds. The price for organic turkeys is high.

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