Don’t Lose your Hair

Certain foods will help keep your scalp healthy, happy and full of hair. If you are losing your hair try certain foods that your scalp needs:


Zinc deficiency promotes hair loss. When you are low on zinc , you have problem with the body’s functions from cell reproduction to hormonal balance and that’s way affect hair growth, especially for men . Eat seafood, beans, peas, nuts, oysters, garlic, mushrooms, brussels sprouts.



Iron is essential for hair development. Anemia is one of the most frequent causes of hair loss. Eat spinach, whole grain cereals, kale, raisins, cherries, grapes, eggs, bananas, corn, potatoes, milk, orange.


Vitamin B

The B vitamins (biotin, B5, B3, B8, B9, etc) are especially important for hair growth normal. Eat banana, mushrooms, almonds, peas, raisins, tuna, watermelon,blueberries, coconut, figs, lettuce, grapefruits.


Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps hair grow much faster. Try to eat olive oil, nuts, seeds, oranges, avocados, bananas.


Vitamin C

Vitamin C keeps your hair healthy. Eat grapefruits, green beans, pineapples, avocados, broccoli, green pepper, parsley, orange, cherries, cantaloupe, watermelon.


Vitamin A prevent dandruff . Have apricots, peas, carrots, grapefruits, peaches, milk, watermelon, cantaloup.


All of these can prevent to not lose your hair and also you may have heard that stress can cause hair loss.

Eat healthy and stay stress free and keep your hair. 

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