Guacamole Salsa Quesadilla

Guacamole Salsa Quesadilla is the perfect summer meal. I love the idea of putting the guacamole and salsa inside the quesadilla.


1 large flour (flax, oat bran or whole wheat) tortillas per person

homemade guacamole

¼ cup salsa

¼ cup italian mozzarella cheese, grated

cooked or canned black beans (optional)



Heat a large cast iron frying pan to medium high heat.

On a large tortillas sprinkle cheese, one layer guacamole, one salsa and on top a handful of black beans if using. Lift up one side of the quesadilla, press down gently and place it on the hot cast iron pan. After 1 minute flip over the other side for another minute or until the tortilla is browned slightly.

Remove from the pan and cut into wedges.

guacamole quesadilla recipe quesadilla
quesadilla recipe salsa quesadilla
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