Princess Appearances


Princess Appearances to birthday parties. Create everlasting memories and gift your child with an appearance from a real life Princess


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If your child loves all things fairytale, then why not throw a princess appearances to your birthday party and have your very own princess in attendance? 

Whether it is at your home, a party or event, your child’s Christening , our beautiful princesses will arrive in full character and costume to perform and provide convincing and personalized experiences.

We have character entertainment for every occasion and will have all your guests truly believing in fairytale magic.

We can provide different Princesses, Fairies, Mermaids or Superhero’s and many more character guest appearances are available.


Princess Appearances


Our Little Princess can now provide 40minutes or 1 hour guest character appearances. You choose your character!


 40 minutes princess appearances costs from $120 or 1 hour appearances from $220. 


All our entertainers come from a professionally trained performance background, whether it’s singing, acting, dancing, performance art or can meet and greet, pose for photos and even bring out the cake.

If you would like a Princess or Fairy to attend your party just give us a call on

248 719 9305

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