Citrus Cake Recipe

This cake is made with fresh orange, kiwi and pineapple, whipped cream, eggs, sugar, milk and gelatine.

With this easy, delicious cake you can delight your family and guests.

Serve 10-12






6 eggs


1 cup sugar


1 cup milk


6-7 teaspoon gelatine


15 oz pineapple, canned, sliced


1-2 orange,peeled,sliced into circles


1-2 kiwi, peeled, sliced into rounds




Whipped cream


3 cups (600g) sour cream


1 vanilla extract


1 tablespoon sugar (optional)






Mix gelatine with juice from the pineapple can and leave it for 2-3 hours before to make the cake.


In a bowl , beat the yolks with sugar, pour milk and mix.


Place a saucepan of water over medium heat. In another saucepan combine yolks mixture with the gelatine and place it on top of the saucepan with the boiling water,mixing all the time ,until begins to thicken. Set aside and leave it to cool.


Meanwhile, with a mixer , beat the sour cream. Start slowly if you don’t want to have cream all over the place and then set the mixer as fast as possible without splashing .At first bubbles will appear on the surface of the cream, then it will start to become foamy and the volume will begin to build, add vanilla extract and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Continue beating until the cream reaches desired consistency.


When the yolks mixture is cold, combine with the whipped cream and mix.


In a 3 qt stoneware, or a pan, place a baking foil and arrange the pan with slices of orange and kiwi. On the bottom of the pan make an ornament with pineapple, orange, kiwi as you wish. Pour the mixture over. Add few small cubes of pineapple in the mixture and refrigerate overnight.


Next day place it upside down on a plate and serve.



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