Halloween Dessert


Delightful dessert recipe for Halloween made with farmer cheese and bread crumbs.


Serves 40 balls


2 pounds organic farmer cheese

1 cup semolina

3 eggs

½ lemon, grated

2 tablespoons vanilla extract

8 tablespoons sugar

1 butter stick

1 ½ cups plain bread crumbs

1 marzipan chocolate egg (for 2 spiders)



Place the farmer cheese in a big bowl and mix with semolina very well. Add 1 tablespoon vanilla, lemon zest and 4 tablespoons of sugar and stir. Add the eggs one by one mixing all the time. When you are done, allow to rest the cheese mixture for half an hour. In this time pour water in a big pot on high heat. Add 1 tablespoon vanilla and bring to a boil.

In a large pan melt the butter , add bread crumbs and fry over medium heat until it is golden brown. Turn off the heat and add 4 tablespoons sugar.

With wet hands, mold the cheese mixture in tiny balls. Keep your hands wet all the time, it’s much easier.

When water boils, turn the heat to low and add the cheese balls to cover the bottom of the pot. The cheese balls are cooked when they rise to the surface. Remove and throw them directly into the pan with bred crumbs and roll them. Place the balls on a plate.

With marzipan make the spider legs and spider eyes.

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