Irish Coffee


The story begins, like all great legends, in a stormy night in winter of 1942. Joe Sheridan worked as a chef at Foynes Airbase in Limerick, Ireland, when he received a phone as a plane traveling from Foynes to New York was diverted because of weather, and passengers were returning after 5 hours in the air. Sheridan and his staff have been asked to prepare food and drinks for flight passengers to feel more comfortable when they get back to the airport.

Sheridan has created something special to warm her passengers: a combination of strong coffee, hot whiskey and whipped cream on top.One of the passengers later asked if Sheridan had given them was “Brazilian coffee.” No, “replied Sheridan,” is the Irish coffee. “

Serves 4


4 cups fresh coffee, strong

½ cup whiskey

2 teaspoons agave 

1 cinnamon stick

1 cup whipping cream

cinnamon powder


In a saucepan, on medium heat, combine together coffee, agave, whiskey, cinnamon stick and heat, but not boil.

Remove, take the cinnamon stick out ,pour coffee into glasses, only half filled. Garnish with whipped cream and powdered with cinnamon.

irish coffee irish coffee recipe


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