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My Organic Recipes – we believe in the true properties and potential value of organic food. What you eat can have a profound effect on how you feel and can help reduce the risk of disease and promoting vitality and energy.

Do you know where your food comes from? Do you care? Why people think that organic is so expensive? It’s not the same product as the nonorganic version. Scientifically speaking it’s a different substance. It has more nutrition in it. Organic food is foods grown in a natural manner avoiding such thing as pesticides and chemical based fertilizers as well as genetically modified food strains.

On our site you can find recipes that we have chosen, cooked and photographed with love and now you can cook and enjoy them.

From 2010 until now you can find many kinds of recipes from organic recipes, desserts, snacks, main dishes,easy recipes, kids recipes,low calorie recipes, healthy recipes,chicken recipes to cosmetic garden, cooking tips and much more.

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Ioana Tofan

Culinary Nutrition Expert; Editor-in-Chief, Founder, myorganicrecipes.com