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Irish Apple Barley Pudding

  Little boys and girls love apple and this irish apple barley ¬†pudding dessert allow them to really enjoy it on Patrick’s Day.

Kids Recipes for Halloween

Little tricks and treats for your kids on Halloween day. Here are easy ¬†Halloween recipes, healthier than all the rest. It’s a lot of fun!!

Organic Apple and Ricotta Delight

On lazy weekend mornings when you’re in the mood for baking try this extra rich recipe. Apple and ricotta is delightful moist and delicious combination.

Organic Apple Puree

Apple provide excellent amounts of vitamin C and beta-carotene, for ensuring immunity. Apple skin provide a good source of fiber to encourage good elimination and prevent constipation in children. Care should be taken in providing apple juice as a substitute for the whole fruit, as removed sweet and acidic and may cause stomach cramps in […]